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This a collection of over 70 files from my old projects. A folder of finished games, in source code format, a folder of unfinished projects, or test projects, plus a folder of DOS executables, compiled under QB 4.5 for use in DOS or DOSBox.

I've also included QBasic 1.0 and the help files, since this was freeware and shared publicly by Microsoft. You can load it using DOSbox and then load the BAS files contained in the folders.

These games aren't great, but if you're new to programming feel free to tinker or re-use sections of code. Or whatever. 

Have fun!


source_QB1.zip 1 MB

Install instructions

The QB program must be used in conjunction with DOSBox, since it will not run on modern operating systems. Once you've loaded QB you can then load the BAS files!

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